Matchmaker Service

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Ready to sell your security alarm business? Let us match you up with a qualified buyer.

In the market to grow your security alarm business? Let us find you a qualified seller.

Michael J. Revness, Esquire, the founder and operator of, is a trusted and respected attorney, entrepreneur and thought leader in the security alarm industry and a founder of the nationally recognized law firm of Kurtz & Revness, P.C. Having legally represented both buyers and sellers of security alarm companies across our country for more than a decade and built a colossal rolodex of industry contacts, Michael is uniquely qualified to assist you; whether as a buyer or seller.

The fee for our Matchmaker Service is generally a competitive commission based on the total sale. The commission fee is typically paid by the seller from the sale proceeds received at closing. Alternatively, and if you prefer, fixed fees arrangements are always welcome.

If we can be of assistance, please contact Michael J. Revness, Esq. at 610-688-2855 or